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Find 3D Imaging Equipment for Hire in Christchurch

When you have a difficult project to undertake such as surveying a busy highway, measuring the volume of rock or mineral pile or looking for ways to expand sections of an oil rig, you should use modern technology to assure the most accurate readings in a non-intrusive, non-destructive, safe manner. The technology you’ll want to use is 3D laser scanning. It allows you to quickly and efficiently record very accurate data that reduces time spent both in the field and on the overall project. Whether you want to do the 3D imaging in Christchurch yourself or hire a professional firm to do it for you, contact NOVAMECH.

We are New Zealand’s number one choice for companies who want to work with a 3D laser scanning provider to help them on a project. We are also the company to choose when you want 3D imaging equipment to hire in Christchurch.

Using 3D imaging equipment in Christchurch

3D laser scanning can be used for a variety of needs such as the maintenance and design of industrial plants, recording accurate surveys of heritage areas for restoration purposes, information modelling of everything from offshore or onshore oil and gas rigs, to government buildings to cite just a few examples. It is especially useful in situations that might be dangerous or too congested or small to use a more traditional method of measurement.

3D laser scanning is the most accurate way to capture an object’s or landscape’s precise size or layout. It works by creating “point clouds” of data. It uses a line of laser light to collect this data from the surface of an object or to get the exact geographic information of a particular location. It is particularly well-suited to help replace a valuable tool or ageing component of an important machine, especially when that tool or part has been changed without accompanying documentation. It is also the ideal way to accurately survey complex surfaces and geometries especially when more traditional methods are impractical.

The recorded point cloud data is then entered into the appropriate computer program to be read as either a 2D image when you need an accurate representation of a profile or elevation contour lines, or as a 3D image for volumetric measurements. Creating flybys, 3D models can be used to inspect a particular area in an industrial plant or on an oil rig or to help design an addition to an existing structure.

3D imaging provides the fastest and most accurate results

When you need 3D imaging equipment in Christchurch, we are the company that can assist. Our 18 years of experience helps us deliver the highest quality standards. We work with the most accurate and up-to-date technology available in New Zealand. If you’re looking for a full-service company that can do top-level modelling or deliver in-depth inspection reports we can help. If you prefer to hire 3D equipment and software we can help train your employees to use scanners safely and accurately. Whatever your need, contact us for 3D imaging in Christchurch.


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