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NOVAMECH: Why We’re the Leading Company for 3D Laser Scanning in Auckland

Do you intend to construct a new development on a site that requires a demolition? Do you need to renovate a heritage building where pipework and ground problems could be hazardous? Do you need to inspect underwater conditions to build or alter an offshore rig? For any of those tasks, you’ll require the services of a qualified engineer to perform inspections, which may involve laser scanning in Auckland, civil engineering surveys, and perhaps 3D spatial analysis assessments. Fortunately, for all those tasks, you needn’t look any further than us.

At NOVATECH, we’re the leading provider of 3D laser scanning in Auckland not only because of our proven knowhow and wealth of industry experience but also our commitment to investing in the latest, advanced and most accurate laser scanning technologies. For 3D laser scanning, we utilise a ZF5010 Laser Scanner, which guarantees measurements with an accuracy of within 1mm at distances up to 40m. This scanner is the most accurate machine in New Zealand, and we believe we’re the most qualified professionals in the nation to use it.

3D laser scanning is useful for a spectrum of purposes, from scanning and creating accurate blueprints of pipework systems to analysing building infrastructures. If you need to capture accurate three-dimensional data to ensure the success of your next project, we’re the company to call.

Why Choose Us for Laser Scanning in Auckland?

Here are some of the reasons why we’re so highly recommended for laser scanning include:

  • Industry know-how

    Over the years, we’ve provided laser scanning services to industries including gas and oil, construction, power generation, space technology, infrastructure development and much more. Our clients range from local governments to offshore power companies and engineers, all of whom can attest to the reliability and quality of our services.

  • Technologically-advanced equipment

    As mentioned above – we only work with the latest, most accurate and – quite frankly – the best laser scanning equipment available, which can complete scans in under 3 minutes with almost absolute 100% accuracy. We also utilise sophisticated CAD software to render 3D images.

  • A broad range of services

    We don’t just offer 3D laser scanning to Auckland organisations. We’ve worked with clients across the nation and provide services such as CAD modelling, reverse engineering, inspections and much more.

  • Commitment to quality services and customer care

    We’re recognised as the leaders of 3D laser scanning services in Auckland because we always put our clients’ requirements first. We’ll develop a project plan that works with your required budget and schedule, and you can trust us to complete any of the services we offer to the highest standards.

Learn More about 3D Laser Scanning in Auckland

Whether you need to create a 3D image of an offshore rig or inspect a system of pipes for signs of breakages and leaks, we can help you. You can read about our laser scanning equipment here, or you can call us on 0800NOVAMECH to discuss your needs with one of our highly experienced engineering professionals. We’ll be happy to arrange a consultation so that we can gain a deep understanding of your project, provide recommendations and tell you how we can help.


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