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How to Choose a 3D Laser Scanning Service Provider in the Auckland Area

Many project timelines across Auckland are becoming shorter, while the complexity of the projects themselves is increasing. Doing more in less time might be an effective way for businesses to sell their services, but it doesn’t always make things easier for the people who do the work. If you work in civil engineering, construction, or manufacturing or a similar industry, you may wonder how best to mitigate risk when you’re being asked to squeeze more ambitious work into smaller timeframes. Fortunately, there’s technology available to help you: 3D laser scanning. Auckland companies are making more frequent use of this technology to help them lower potential hazards in a variety of projects.

Using a 3D laser scanning service on your Auckland site offers you greater opportunities for communication, because it provides you with a more thorough understanding of the space in which you work. Spatial understanding is vital to industries like construction and civil engineering, and 3D laser scanning service gives much more accurate information than two-dimensional maps. Furthermore, storing this data digitally can provide you with more permanent records, and allow you easy access to data you collected long ago if the need to revisit it should ever arise. Choose a 3D laser scanning service provider in Auckland with powerful equipment and client-centric policies, and you should have everything you need to fully understand the spatial requirements of your projects.

Choosing a 3D Laser Scanning Service in Auckland

When you’re searching for a 3D laser scanning service provider in the Auckland area, consider the following: you’ll need to work with someone who uses equipment of the highest quality so that their work is truly more effective than standard mapping. Consider factors such as range, single point accuracy, and the field of view their scanners will cover.

NOVAMECH: An Exemplary Service Provider

One of the most comprehensive and valuable options for a 3D laser scanning service provider in the Auckland area is NOVAMECH. Our history stretches back to 1999, but our equipment is all up to current industry standards. Take our ZF5010 laser scanner for instance: it boasts a range of 187 metres, single point accuracy under 1mm at 40mm, and can capture a field of view of 360 degrees (horizontal) by 270 degrees (vertical). Each scan takes only three minutes, which can save your personnel considerable amounts of time they would otherwise have needed to use on more conventional techniques. In fact, our equipment can reduce your field time by up to 80%, significantly reducing your project costs in the process.

Efficiency is everything these days, so make sure you’re achieving it by using top of the line technology for all your inspections and diagnostics. For more information on how NOVAMECH can help you, contact us today and ask to speak with a representative of our company who can provide additional details on the work we perform. We’ll be happy to tell you more about any of the machines we have, or about how you can take advantage of our services.


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