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NOVAMECH is Your Premium 3D Laser Scanning Service Provider in Wellington

Twenty years ago, during the inception of 3d laser scanning, it was often heralded as a gimmick, something that was completely unnecessary in the world of manufacturing and infrastructure. It was expensive and time-consuming, but people quickly realised just how beneficial the process was for projects in the world of civil engineering, offshore and onshore oil operations, and building surveying and modelling. Fast forward to the present, and 3d laser scanning is a major industry, working with businesses all throughout the world, even going as far as being an asset for film and TV sets.

What makes this laser scanning so vital to these types of businesses and projects? It’s all about the accuracy. A service provider like NOVAMECH, for example, uses the highest quality 3d laser scanning products to offer parametric modelling and comprehensive inspection reporting in the most accurate way possible. In fact, the Zoller + Frohlich laser scanners that the company uses have single point accuracy and can capture fields of view as far as 187 metres away. The machines are extremely fast, as well. They are the fastest and most accurate available in New Zealand, allowing for one scan to finish in three minutes. Whether you’re in the business of civil engineering, architecture, or construction, NOVAMECH is the 3d laser scanning service provider for your Wellington based project.

Benefits of This 3D Laser Scanning Service in Wellington

We’ve been over how accurate these laser scanners can be. Whether you’re surveying a plot of land for an agricultural project or want to design new pipes routes within a piping system, our laser scanners can make the process much quicker and easier for you. With such high-quality scans, we’ll be able to help you capture the 3-dimensional data that you need to help plan the rest of your project and, if you find that additional data is required, this can be acquired without the need for a complete rescan of the area.

These scanners cut down on your project time as well. With scans finishing in three minutes, your field time will be reduced by up to 80 percent, resulting in compressed project time and reduced costs for your overall project. There will be no need for repeat work or fixing inaccuracies in your data. Time is money and a little bit of time spent with one of our 3d scanners will save you a lot of money in the long run. When you need a provider for 3d laser scanning in Wellington, we will be your best bet.

About Us

Operating since 1999, we at NOVAMECH have been in the 3d laser scanning game for a long time. Our 18 years of experience has seen us work with clients in multiple industries on various types of projects and our quality products & services have made us New Zealand’s leading 3d laser scanning provider. It’s not every day that your project needs a major service like this, which is why we aim to make it as quick and easy as possible. Whether you’re looking to rent equipment for your trained professionals to use or you need our professionals on site, we are here to make your project go smoothly.

Call us on 0800 NOVA MECH for more information.


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