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Need to Scan Something in New Zealand? Find 3D Scanning Services, Scanner Rental, and More in Auckland, NZ

3D scanning needs to be accurate and expedient, regardless of the project. Power facilities, refineries, rigs, and numerous other facilities require exacting scans performed by professionals who achieve consistent quality in all their work. Whether your business requires an object to be scanned or an entire environment, you will need to know that the people you choose are reliable and that they invest in tools that allow them to deliver leading-edge 3D scanning services. If your firm has training in the operation and safe use of laser scanning equipment, you may also wish to consider firms that offer 3D scanner rental for your own use.

What Should the Company that Performs Your 3D Scan in Auckland Offer?

Consider searching for a company that offers both 3D scanning services and 3D scanner rental to their New Zealand customers. These companies will be able to accommodate a diverse range of needs, and may even be able to train your personnel to use the equipment in question. More versatile companies will also be more likely to offer a range of different 3D scanner options to NZ clients and match each client to the appropriate device correctly.

Ensure that you can always obtain proper 3D scanning in New Zealand by choosing a firm with considerable experience working with diverse and high-profile corporate clients. Industry experience in a variety of different contexts and applications creates more in-depth and more substantial knowledge of the scanning process, regardless of the object or facility to be scanned. You will enjoy a faster and more seamless scan when you hire a pedigreed firm, but you will also benefit from numerous other services that improve your experience. These may include sophisticated data management to protect your files, and skilled post-scan rendering in industry-standard programs such as SolidWorks.

Find Your Auckland Scanning Solution at NOVAMECH

Consider the services offered through NOVAMECH, a leading 3D scanning company in New Zealand since 1999. We’ve been developing our methods for nearly two decades, and our Zoller and Fröhlich equipment is state-of-the-art and measures to within 1mm of accuracy, even on large jobs. The result is a forward-thinking group of professionals whose comfort and skill allows us to understand the needs of our clients and pursue creative solutions to problems on-site. We also offer 3D scanner rental in NZ and can provide training for companies who require instruction.

When your Auckland business requires information about an object or the interior of a space, take time to invest in practical and efficient solutions. Contact the professionals at NOVAMECH at your earliest opportunity to learn more about how we can provide you with the ideal 3D scan in Auckland, or learn more about the rental equipment we offer throughout New Zealand. One of our representatives will be happy to provide you with technical specifications for our machinery, discuss your upcoming project, or schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience. We look forward to helping you develop a clearer picture of your work.


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