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Laser scanners have become the most widely-used measurement tools for 3D scanning companies in Wellington. In fact, professionals around the world are choosing this technology to improve their project outcomes and data collection. However, laser scanners do more than just measure distances and gather information. This technology is actually a great solution to many of the challenges that have been plaguing land surveyors for years. It’s no longer enough just to find issues; today’s land surveyor must help solve ongoing issues and be able to consult with clients – and laser scanners allow them to do so. Here are some of the benefits of a 3D laser survey in Wellington.


There are many different types of 3D laser scanners, which makes it easy for surveyors to find the right tool for the job. From mobile laser scanning to aerial mapping, a range of possible solutions means flexibility for scanning companies, who often encounter obstacles they must overcome to measure properties.

Less field time

It can take a considerable amount of money and time to map a property but 3D laser scanners help because they are fast, accurate and easy to use. They greatly reduce field time and they help prevent the need for rework, thus helping surveyors stay within budget. This means that surveyors can focus less on data collection itself and more on what the data means. Laser scanners can also help surveyors create 3D models that they can use to explain their solutions to clients.

Extremely precise data

Because 3D laser scanners can assess spaces meticulously, they are able to collect data that can be used to create maps with the newest software. In fact, highly accurate models and drawings are some of the most important advantages of the technology.

Accurate reconstruction

Traditional techniques used for measuring are only so accurate. Laser scanning on the other hand, precisely calculates every angle, leaving little to no room for error. Digital models are so precise that there is no better way to assess the true conditions of a property. Having this type of pinpoint data at their fingertips helps surveyors give clients a complete picture of their space.

Less surveyor shortage impact

As surveyors become fewer and farther between, laser scanning helps reduce the effects of this shortage by allowing existing surveyors to tackle multiple projects at once without too much overload. The speed and accuracy of laser scanners make each job quicker and more efficient, giving surveyors a way to be more productive.

Where to find a 3D scan service in Wellington

It’s easy to see that 3D laser scanning and land surveying are perfect partners. Benefits of laser scanners are they free up extra time for surveyors to take on more projects or those extra hours can permit better consultation with each client. If you’re looking for a 3D scan service for your survey, look no further than NOVAMECH. We have over 18 years’ experience in mechanical design and 3D laser scanning, and we are dedicated to delivering quality service to our valued clients. Contact NOVAMECH today for more information.


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