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When You Need a 3D Terrestrial Scanning Service, Find a Scanner for Hire Through this Auckland Business

Understanding the environment in which you do your most important work means different things in different businesses. However, for members of essential industries like construction, civil engineering, and manufacturing, having detailed knowledge of your site is more than just a way to streamline your work. It’s also the best way to make sure that everyone around you is safe and that the project you’re working on will be completed responsibly. After all, your environment is more than just a workspace. In many cases, it’s also the product you’re producing—and that means it has to meet exacting standards.

How can you make sure that your project is being completed safely and responsibly? Simple: learn everything you can about its spatial dimensions, so that you can plan your work accurately. The best way to gather this information is with 3D terrestrial scanning. Many Auckland firms make use of 3D scanner hire to acquire and use equipment that can provide extremely accurate details about their projects. High quality scanners for hire may include features like phase based lasers that provide clean edges even in congested areas, or extremely quick scan periods that can help you save considerable amounts of time.

Considering Your Options for 3D Terrestrial Scanning in Auckland

When you set out to hire a company for 3D scanning in Auckland, you should also make sure they can provide training for your staff. Each firm offering scanners for hire must be able to help your employees learn about operating them properly and safely. Whether you work in civil engineering, construction, power generation, or even space technology, you’ll want to make sure that you have everything you need to scan your space accurately. That will require skill as well as equipment.

How NOVAMECH Can Help You with Scanner Hire

One of the most comprehensive sources for help with 3D terrestrial scanning in Auckland is NOVAMECH, a company with over 18 years of experience. We hire out cutting edge 3D terrestrial scanning equipment to Auckland businesses in numerous industries, such as the Leica HDS6100, which has an accuracy of under 2mm at 25mm and a scan range of 78m at over 500 000 points each second. With one of these machines, you can complete each scan in approximately 6 minutes. Our Zoller and Frohlich ZF5010 is even faster and more accurate, and can complete a scan in half the time. When you contact us, we’ll be happy to recommend a product suited directly to your project’s needs.

Your work is important to you, so it’s critical that you support it with the right equipment. Accurate scanning information will help you deliver your results on-time, under budget and without error, so that the people who depend on your work will be able to count on it. For more information on how 3D terrestrial scanning can benefit your business or to seek out scanner hire in Auckland, contact NOVAMECH at your earliest convenience and speak with one of the professionals on our team.


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