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Who to Call When Your Firm Needs to Hire a 3D Scanner for Terrestrial Scanning in Wellington

3D terrestrial scanning has become a key element in projects related to architecture, construction, infrastructure, and piping systems. Because of its active imaging ability, which makes it able to acquire accurate and dense 3D renderings of object surfaces rapidly, it has become a huge time-saver for major building and infrastructure projects. As the technology has evolved and become more mobile, it has become easier to utilise static scanning machines atop surveying tripods to get quick, accurate information in as little as three minutes per scan.

New Zealand’s NOVAMECH has become one of the leading choices for hire in the Wellington area. Offering 3D terrestrial scanning services as well as scanners for rent, the company has the best, most up-to-date laser scanning equipment on the market. Utilizing Zoller + Frohlich laser scanners, we can offer services for industrial and infrastructure projects. The scanners can capture assets into 3D Point Clouds which can then work with a multitude of software including AutoCAD and CloudWorks. When your project needs 3D terrestrial scanning in Wellington, why not give us a call.

3D Scanning on Wellington Projects Reduces Time and Work

When we at NOVAMECH first started business nearly 20 years ago, 3D scanning wasn’t revered as the time and money saver that it is now. In fact, many companies in the infrastructure and agriculture industries refused to use it for their projects because it seemed too costly and too slow. Now, in 2017, there is no doubt that a 3D terrestrial scanner saves both time and money in the long run. Zoller + Frohlich scanners are the fastest and most accurate machines available for use in New Zealand, which is why they are widely utilised by us. These scanners have long ranges, up to 187 metres, and offer single point accuracy under 1mm at around 40 metres. They can capture a wide field of view, up to 360 degrees horizontally and 270 degrees vertically, making them practical for a wide array of projects.

A scanner reduces field time for workers by up to 80% and can eliminate increased work. Not to mention, they significantly reduce overall project time and overall project costs, thanks to the quick surveying work that they do. At this point, for large civil and construction projects, a terrestrial laser scanner is your best bet for capturing and extracting accurate data quickly. We’ll work closely with you and your company when you decide that you need a 3D scanner for hire in Wellington.

No Project Too Big or Small

We’ve been in this game for a long time, since the early days of terrestrial laser scanning. We’ve worked on projects throughout multiple industries, even doing some work on film sets. To make a long story short, we are experienced and adaptable, which is why our company is considered New Zealand’s leading laser scanning provider and hire firm.

Whether you need full-service laser scanning or simply need to hire the equipment, we are here to help and get you exactly what you need to fit within your time and budget constraints. Call us on 0800 NOVA MECH for more information.


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