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There are good reasons everyone seems to be talking about laser tracker CMM service in Auckland. Laser trackers are modern metrology instruments that are highly appealing for many reasons including their size, accuracy, portability, versatility and more. They can also capture large volumes of 3D coordinates in real time.

How do laser trackers work?

Laser trackers measure 3D coordinates with incredible accuracy. The technology is based on two techniques: angular encoders that measure two mechanical axes (the elevation axis and the azimuth axis) and a distance meter which measures absolute distance. The laser tracker emits a laser beam to a target that’s either mounted or held on the object being measured. This light reflects off the target and re-enters the laser tracker, and the distance meter analyses it to measure the distance. There are many great 3D laser tracker software solutions available. These programs allow the data to be converted to geometrical features including planes, spheres, cylinders, and points. These features can then be referenced to help determine form, position, concentricity, perpendicularity, parallelism, cylindricity and circularity. Most of the time, the data can be accessed instantly.

Applications for laser trackers

Not very long ago, manufacturers used CMMs (stationary coordinate measurement machines) to perform tests on components. This made it hard to measure parts that were very large or still on the production machine. Thanks to the portability of laser trackers, engineers can now take 3D measurements with a speed and accuracy previously unheard of. Here are just a few of the many applications where laser scanning in Auckland comes in handy:

  • Aerospace: This industry was one of the first to adopt laser tracker technology. Laser trackers help engineers deliver 3D measurements quickly and accurately in many areas including tooling inspection and certification, jig and assembly tool geometry, die inspection, first article inspections, detailed part inspections and machine tool accuracy.
  • Automotive: Laser trackers deliver precise measurements throughout the design and production process, including points such as surface measurement for verification of components, alignment of body components and hinge lines, shape analysis verification, production line measurements and more.
  • Power generation: This is one industry where plant downtime is particularly costly. Laser trackers offer faster setup and reverse engineering, more accurate measurements of generators and turbines, 3D analysis in many areas and more.
  • Pulp and paper: In several areas of this industry, laser trackers are extremely useful. The paper machine applications which benefit from laser tracker technology include press geometry, winder inspection, fourdrinier planishing and layout rebuilds.

These are only a few examples of industries where laser trackers are gaining ground as the go-to tool for precision measurement.

Where to find laser scanning services in Auckland

Are you looking for laser tracker service in the Auckland area? NOVAMECH can help. Since 1999, we have been at the leading edge of 3D imaging instruments and are dedicated to providing our clients with the latest technology and top-quality services. If you need professionals with the right experience and the most up-to-date knowledge and processes, contact NOVAMECH for a free quote.


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