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Engineers and architects often use models and drawings of their projects to help them complete their work. However, 2D CAD (computer-aided design) models can’t always deliver the accuracy and speed they need. That’s why so many of these professionals use 3D modelling and have now done so for years to improve the aesthetic and efficiency of their designs. Here are some of the most important advantages of 3D CAD models.


It’s essential for architects and engineers to determine the existing conditions of a location or building quickly, and 3D modelling offers this critical speed. 3D modelling can virtually construct buildings or sites faster than 2D drawings. It also provides a high degree of accuracy, which means that professionals save even more time by not having to identify issues in 2D drawings and by being able to complete projects more quickly.

Control and precision

3D laser scanning services in Wellington collect accurate data which professionals can use to create precise models of real spaces. That means architects and engineers don’t have to spend excess time re-measuring parts of a site or building to develop an accurate model. It also helps to prevent costly mistakes from happening by revealing issues with the design or site before building begins.

Visualisation of scenarios

3D models can be manipulated in ways that 2D drawings often can’t. Architects and engineers can test what-if scenarios with their 3D designs, gaining validation for their plans and pinpointing any potential problems with the design. 3D renderings save professionals significant amounts of time and money by confirming their needs for a given project. These models also provide an accurate picture of possible ways to change the design if needed. Altering a project in the design stage is much cheaper and easier than making changes after building work has already started.

Reduced lead times

The flexibility and accuracy of 3D models mean that architects and engineers can spend far less time on the design stage and more time on actually completing each task. They can identify and address any issues early on, preventing the need for reworking later in the project. Models are critical to engineers and architects, but they no longer have to settle for 2D drawings. 3D modelling collects data from laser scanners and gives these professionals the help they need to complete projects efficiently, quickly and within budget.

Where to find 3D laser scanning in Wellington

At NOVAMECH, we offer 3D CAD modelling – but our services don’t stop there. Using the latest 3D imaging instruments, we deliver a range of services including 3D spatial analysis, laser scanning, laser tracker CMM service, CMM inspection service and reverse engineering. We have over 18 years’ experience in mechanical design and 3S laser scanning and we are dedicated to providing the best possible service to all of our clients. We also have experience working with a variety of large corporate clients in a range of sectors including building and construction, civil engineering, power generation, space technology, local government, agriculture and farming, and more. If you require 3D CAD modelling or another of our services such as laser tracker CMM service in Wellington, contact NOVAMECH today.


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